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How to Write a Resignation Letter - Sample Resignation Letter
12/9/2019 Alan Copeland
You've signed on the dotted line for your new position, and you're excited to start a new chapter in your career life. Now, all that's standing in the way of your new exciting opportunity is tendering your resignation.
Jobs Synonym
11/12/2019 Alan Copeland
If you plug in the right keywords using different job synonyms you can reach an entirely different result in your job search. Here is a list of Synonyms for the word job and how to apply it in your job search.
Job Hunting?
3/12/2019 Alan Copeland
You've sent out 150 resumes in the last three (3) months!... sounds like a lot doesn't it? But is it? 150 resumes in 90 days = 1.6 resumes per day.