Job Hunting?

Alan Copeland

Job Hunting?

Hi, my name is Alan Copeland, I have been in the professional recruiting industry for going on 20 years now. In my line of work, I have had many many conversations with people out of work who say they are looking but cannot find work. But are they really looking for work? Let's take a look.

Question: What are you doing to find a new job?

The answer I get the most is: I've sent out 150 resumes in the last three (3) months!

Wow! sounds like a lot doesn't it? But is it? 150 resumes in 90 days = 1.6 resumes per day. When you think about it, it only takes a few minutes to search a job board and send a resume. So really, you are only spending a few minutes a day looking for a job! NOT GOOD...

If you are out of work. If you have been laid-off. -- IT IS YOUR "JOB" TO FIND A JOB! That means you spend 6 to 8 hours a day looking for a job! Every person I've known who has put this level of effort into finding work, found work better or as good as the position they had before! and in a short amount of time!

How do you spend 6 to 8 hours a day looking for work? Just to name a few ways:

  1. Job boards - YES and all of them! spend at least an hour a day searching and applying to jobs that match your experience. If the job does not match your experience, don't waste your time or their time applying just to apply!
  2. Linkedin - Connect with other people in your geographical area and industry experience. Once you are connected with someone let them know you are looking.
  3. Linkedin Groups - Find industry-related -or- geographical area related groups in LinkedIn and let them know you are looking.
  4. Industry-related associations in your area - call them and ask them who might be hiring.
  5. Knock on doors - you should be visiting every company in your area who might hire a person with your experience and skills. What was your previous boss's title? Ask for that person, hand them a resume, tell them you'd be very interested in talking with them about how you might benefit their company!
  6. Contact a specialized recruiter/headhunter! A good one can put you in front of opportunities you would otherwise never know about. Try to find specialized firms.

This is the key to finding a new job! Even in a slow economy the person who puts this level of effort towards finding work... They find work!


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