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Together we are facing truly unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses, our communities, our way of life. Unfortunately, it has also affected every church/non-profit in our great nation.

In every economic downturn, past or present, one of the biggest concerns people are faced with is the loss of employment and loss of income. Let’s face it, when church communities lose their jobs, churches lose income! You may not feel the effects when there are only a few people in your community without work but when unemployment hits 5 to 10%, it can affect any budget.

Yes, we are a new start-up but, when Christian communities come together for a cause, amazing things happen.
Our cause, our Mission - Employment is Our Mission

This is an important mission - The COVID-19 pandemic has caused one of the worst records of unemployment ever. According to the USAtoday over 58 million people (and climbing) have filed for unemployment benefits in the USA. That's almost 20% of our population.

We believe God is faithful and that the Church Body has much less than 20% unemployment. In turn, we believe a large percentage of these people are not in church - Our Mission is to help any and all of these people to find employment and we want to help through the Body of Christ, giving God the glory!

Will you help our mission by simply adding our logo or link to your website? It is Free, it is Easy! - see below.

Help us to put people in your community to work!

partner with usBy partnering with MissionEmployment, we will provide you a way, through your existing internet presence, to help members of your community who are looking for work. It is as simple as signing up (for free), then posting our referral-link on your church website and social media page.

Benefiting Jobseekers, Employers and Churches

When a jobseeker from your community clicks on the MissionEmployment referral-link from your website, they will be able to search for employment, apply for jobs and post their resume, free of charge. Also, the MissionEmployment website is a place where employers can post job openings and/or search for potential candidates with the specific experience they are looking for.

Seven (7) ways joining will benefit your church:

  1. Our goal is to be the #1 Christian based solution and resource to help those who are suffering a job loss. Not just a job-board, we are also developing Christian based Career Training, Counseling, Courses, Articles and Devotions as free resources for jobseekers and employers.
  2. The next time you get a prayer request from jobseekers or an employer – You can safely send them to our referral-link on your website or social media page. It shows you care about their lives, career and/or their business.
  3. Your community will love us: We know you don’t choose to partner with us lightly. When you send a jobseeker or employer to us, we give them the red-carpet treatment.
  4. Coming Soon - Partner churches will be listed in our searchable partners directory. As the MissionEmployment job-board gets more popular, potential jobseekers and potential employers from outside the church will have the opportunity to find partner churches local to them.
  5. Does your church staff have a vacant position? You can list church openings/positions for free on / just email us for a free coupon code.
  6. The Giveback: When an employer from your community clicks on our referral-link at your website (or social media page) and posts a job, your church will receive a 20% giveback from that purchase. 
  7. Once you join you get your own Secure Portal for Real-Time Tracking, Promotional Material, and affiliate codes:
    • We use Tapfiliate, one of the most reliable affiliate tracking solutions on the internet, which allows you to monitor your referral traffic in real-time.
    • Promotional materials: We provide exclusive MissionEmployment banners, widgets or Text Links you can use on your website and social media page. New advertising materials are continuously added.

100% Free to join, Secure, and 3 easy steps to set it up!

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Step 1) Sign-up as a partner/affiliate – complete the simple sign-up process.

Step 2) In your secure affiliate dashboard click “Assets” then choose the image or text-referral link you would like to display on your website and social media sites.

Step 3) Copy the secure link text, paste it in an email (or text), send it to your web guy (or gal) and ask them to include the link on your website in an area your members can easily find it (i.e. Ministries, Outreach, Resources, Links, or at the bottom of your front page).

Help us get the word out by adding our referral link to your website!

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Mission Employment, LLC is an independent Christian business. We are not sponsored by any specific church organization or denomination. We who call ourselves Christians are Christians first, bonded by Christ. May God bless the "Body of Christ" in a might way!